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Discovering Iowa's diverse geologic landscapes

Do you have a geology lesson or activity that is fun and helps people learn? Are you looking for one? One of the primary IGEIN goals is to provide Iowa’s teachers, parents, and naturalists with engaging geology lessons and activities.  A secondary goal is develop lessons and activities that are specifically linked Iowa’s parks, playgrounds, backyards (landscapes)!  If you have something to share or would like some feedback on a lesson that you have been developing? Please contact

University of Northern Iowa (Dr. C. E. Heinzel)

UNI Earth and Environmental Sciences : Where Every Day is Earth Day Page


Spring 2024

Environmental Career Readiness

Iowa's Emerging Water Quality Issues : Contamination to Recreation  

 Summer 2024

 Natural Resources and Civilizations - Italy


In the hole

Soils and Landscapes 

Natural Resources and Civilizations (N.R.C.)

N, R, and C in Iceland (logistics page and learning page)


Geochemistry of the Land

Introduction to Geology

Geologic Field Methods

Geologic Resources of Iowa for Teachers

Introduction to Environmental Earth Science

K-12 grade specific activities

Iowa the Rivers of Her Valleys Project Iowa DNR REAP CEP Funded, 2021)



Techniques for Science Teachers - Using GIS in science classrooms and activities

Geology of Iowa

Iowa's Suface

Handouts: Iowa Landscapes, Tama Soil 1, Iowa Soils 2

Iowa's Bedrock

UNI Earth Science/Geology (Professional Development)

Geology of Iowa for Teachers (Sponsored by the Iowa Limestone Producers Association)

Course Work Samples(2001-2011)

UNI Earth Science Update Conferences

(Sponsored by theIowa Limestone Producers)

2013 The Earth Sciences, Natural Resources and Society

2012 Limestone and its importance to Iowa's Economy

2011 Earthquakes, Tsunami, and natural hazards

Tools & Ideas

Using Google Earth to help your student's learn about the Geology of Iowa (Super cool!)

Digital teaching resources

The Science Education Resource Center @ Carleton College, MN (Teaching activities)

Links for Environmental Sustainability in Education

Recommended podcasts  

Classroom techniques

Gallery Walks


Pyramid testing

Geologic Jeopardy

Quick Links

Virtual Field Trips

Understanding Science (UC Berkeley)

Iowa Flood Center

Science Education Resource Center (Carleton College)

National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA)


Interesting reading

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