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Natural Resources and Civilizations and Environment, Technology, and Society Capstone (Southern Italy/Sicily) Dr. Chad Heinzel Pages = Other contact sources Twitter (@Ubreccia)

If you are taking the class through the website, please keep up with the weekly work (presentations, vidoes, podcasts etc.) and e-mail me the requested short papers and/or work sheets...

MVI 1813 from Explore Iowa's Geology (IGEIN) on Vimeo.


Week 1 - Southern Italy / Place, People, and Natural History - Personal Bio and Pre Essays

Week 2 - Reasons Civilizations Collapse or Thrive Acitvity - Watch the video below then, please write two page summary of this video with the theme 'Will the USA ever collapse?'

Week 3 - Please listen to TWO (one from a woman and another from a man) of the following podcasts (take notes). Then write a summery of the interviews and pesonal reflection (no more than two pages) Option 1 = Fragility and the Evolution of Humanity - Krista Tippett interviews Xavier Le Pichon Oct. 7, 2010, (Science, Religion and Empahy) Option 2 = John O'Donohue "The Inner Landscape of Beauty" (Sense of Place, Religion, Relationships with people and nature) ; Option 3 = Lisa Randall - "Dark Matter, Dinosaurs, and Extra Demensions" (Science, Women in Science, Life in the Universe); Option 4 = Elizabeth Gilbert Choosing Curiostiy over Fear; (Creativity and Civilizations); Option 5 - Sylvia Earle Her Deepness (The Earth's Oceans and Life) *You may click and listen on your computer or right click and 'Save Target As' to download the mp3 to your computer...

Week 4 - The Sicilian Mafia and Sustainability - Didn't make it to class, use the following data:, Preview of Cosa Nostra by John Dickie and this 'Citrus' webpage to either write a summary (no more than 2 pages) or take notes. Ideally due on or before Friday Feb. 15.

Week 5 - Please read Geoarchaeology of the Chuddia River Valley Western Sicily then work through this game with the group (in class) If out of class try to get your roomates or family to help you work through this survival game , If you are playing this game outside of class follow these steps. Have everyone make their own lists first, the come togeter in a group, discuss your answers, then make a new group list, finally with the group and your list address the questions...

Week 6 - Hazards - Climate, Volcanoes, Tsunamies, human migraiton, war

Week 7 - Please read Wicked Problems and address the questions in Worksheet

Week 8 - Terroir Vs. Fast food

(Sicilian Wines)


Extended Learning

Exploring Southern Italy and Sicily

Rick Steves Podcasts : Italy - Italian Cuisine 1 (audio), Italian Cuisine 2 (audio), Pasta 101 (audio) , Rome - Colosseum (audio AND map) , Sistine Chapel (audio AND map) , St. Peters (audio AND map) , Pantheon (audio AND map), Michelangelo in Rome (audio), Rome Beneath the surface (audio)

Getting ready to travel this summer...

Basic packing list and ideas (not complete - Please let me know if you have questions), This is the bag that I use, there are cheaper versions, Electrical adaptor (info) Or the minimum you might need

Handouts for learning Italian numbers and phrases... Page1 , Page 2 , Page 3 , Page 4

Links to explore


Rome -

Trapani - Bed & Breakfast Belveliero , (5 nights)

Florence (new 2018) - Coming soon, (2 nights)

Lipari/Canneto - Baia Unici , (6 nights)


Activity websites


A War Diary Soars Over Rome (National Geographic, April 2015)

BBC Historical Research

Roman Emperors

The British Museum

The Vatican


Egadi Islands

La Grotta del Genovese


Aeolian Islands

Stromboli #1

Stromboli #2


Further reading...

Italian History

Lonely Planet



1968 Earthquake

Erosion post-Roman

Sicily tectonics

The day the Earth shook