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Learning with Google Earth (Under redevelopment, if you need access to files of Iowa's geology that you can use in Google Earth please send us a request !

1. Create a folder on your desktop to store IGEIN files...

(For PC/Windows computers A. right click on an open area of your desktop, B. Scroll down and select New, C. Select Folder, D. Name the folder IGEIN

2. Download the following files to your new IGEIN folder...

(Right click each file listed below and select SAVE TARGET AS to the IGEIN folder)

Landform Regions

3. Open Google Earth on your computer

(If you do not have Google Earth, Please click here to download this amazing and FREE software)

4. Open the new Iowa data in Google Earth!


Helpful websites for using Google Earth in your classroom

Google Earth and Geoscience Education - Science Education Resource Center (Carleton College, MN)

Google Earth Basics by Frank Taylor'