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Geology of Iowa for Teachers and UNI ILPA Update Conferences

Geology of Iowa for Teachers

This amazing opportunity ran for ten years (2001-2011) and was fully funded by the Iowa Limestone Producers Association. This course was taught by the University of Northern Iowa's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences with guest experts from the Iowa Geological Survey. The premise of the course was to provide Iowa's K-12 teachers with an opportunity to obtain practical experience in the field and in the laboratory that they could use with your their own students. Teachers developed rock, mineral, and fossil collections and obtained a basic proficiency in their identification. Teachers also focused on the significance of these items in understanding and interpreting Earth’s history and the geology of Iowa. Teachers also learned about the economic aspects of geology and the importance of geological resources to the citizens of Iowa!!! This webpage presents a general summary of this course so that teachers can continue to learn about the important role geology play in our everyday lives.

2011-2016 Projects developed by Iowa Teachers



The course (Iowa's vital resources = minerals, rocks, soil, water, and our students!)

Day 1 - Introduction to minerals, rocks, and the importance of geologic resources

Day 2 - Glacial geology of the Cedar Valley

Day 3 - Devonian Fossil Gorge and the Messerly Quarry

Day 4 - Geology and Water: Rivers and Groundwater

Day 5 - Rockford Fossil and Prairie Park and the Lehigh Portland Cement Company

Day 6 - Tthe Importance of Soil: Weathering, Waste, and Environmental Sustainability

2011 2016 - Projects developed by Iowa Teachers


UNI and ILPA Update Conferences

2012 Limestone and its importance to Iowa's Economy

2011 Earthquakes, Tsunami, and natural hazards


Images from the field (click on one to explore)


The Iowa Limestone Producers Association (ILPA)

Lehigh Cement Company

University of Northern Iowa - Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Iowa Geological Survey