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Gallery Walking

Gallery Walk in the Dark

Gallery Walk - Joe

Gallery walks are an excellent opportunity to create an active learning environment in and outside your classroom! This activity is capable of developing team work skills, introducing concepts, identifying/addressing misconceptions, and engaging your students.

General Method

  1. Have your students form a group (ideally no more than four people per group).
  2. Provide each group with a unique name and color of chalk or dry erase marker. This you enable you to track/assess each groups response to each question.
  3. Each group spends a set amount of time (3 to 5 minutes) at each question/concept station developing an answer. The teacher should keep track of the time and be available for the student's questions.
  4. As the groups change stations they should be instructed to add additional information, correct (not erase) any errors that they may notice, and discuss the evolving 'collective' answer.

Dr. Heinzel (UNI) uses this as a first day of class experience to gauge his student general knowledge of geology, identify any misconceptions, and create an active-learning class. Click this link for a set of possible first day questions.

Further Information

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