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Soils and Landscapes - Dr. C.E. Heinzel - Fall 2023

Syllabus - Fall 2023 Version 2 - A work in progress, This course meets on Wed. (2-3) & Friday (2-5)

Weekly content

Week 1 : Intro. Soil History, Classification and Importance - Photo Slides , Lecture slides

Week 2 : Soil morphology and composition - Lecture slides

Week 3: Soil horizonation - Lecture slides

Week 4: Soil horizonation then Soil orders (board work and handouts)

Week 5: Soil classification and taxonomy (board work and handouts)

Week 6: Soil mapping - Lecture slides, Test 1 Learning Guide

Week 7: Review then Test 1 - Friday October, 6, 2023 approx. 100 points

Week 8: Weathering , Soils in the laboratory

Week 9:


Final Exam - Monday, December 11, 3 to 5pm, Latham 133

Reading and Handouts

Textbook 1 - Soil Genesis and Classification by Buol, Southard, Grahm, McDaniel (BSGM) , this book for all test 1 content.

Textbook 2 - Soil Genesis and Geomorphology by Schaetzl and Anderson (SA)

Additional resources

Books: Keys to Soil taxonomy , NRCS Soil Fieldbook , Illustrated Guide to Soil taxonomy

Handounts: Iowa Nature Series (Soils and Landforms) , Soils a Historical Perspective, Soil Internet Resources, Soil Vocabulary, Introduction to Soil Color, Introductioin to Soil Horizon Classifiction,

Soil Internet Resources - Selected there are many :-)

Web Soil Survey

National Soil Survey Handbook

Illustrated Soil Taxonomy Handbook

Official Soil Survey Descriptions (OSD)

National Soil Survey Center

NRCS Soil Health

Practical Farmsers of Iowa

Iowa Geological Survey

Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Soil and Water Conservation Society

Videos -



Suzanne Simard - Gustavus Adolphus College - 54th Nobel Conference 2018

Jack Gilbert - Gustavus Adolphus College - 54th Nobel Conference 2018

David Mongomery, Gustavus Adolphus College - 54th Nobel Conference 2018

Rattan Lal - Gustavus Adolphus College - 54th Nobel Conference 2018