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Think-Pair-Share (TPS)

TPS activities are an effective means of addressing misconceptions, engaging learners, promoting team work, and possing questions during class discussion through cooperative learning.

General Method

  1. Think: Students think independently about the question that has been posed, forming ideas of their own.
  2. Pair: Students are grouped in pairs to discuss their thoughts. This step allows students to articulate their ideas and to consider those of others
  3. Share: Student pairs share their ideas with a larger group, such as the whole class. Often, students are more comfortable presenting ideas to a group with the support of a partner. In addition, students' ideas have become more refined through this three-step process.

Dr. Heinzel (UNI) uses this as a first day of class experience to guage his studnet general knowledge of geology, identifity any misconceptions, and create an active-learning class. Click this link for a set of possible first day questions.

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