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Iowa The Rivers of Her Valleys 4.0 through Curricula                          UNDER DEVELOPMENT 

Water is a curious thing: although vital to life, it costs almost nothing, where as gold and diamonds, which are useless for survival, cost a fortune.- Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations 1776

This project begins to address Iowa’s growing need for stream and river environmental education. Rivers are the ‘life-blood’ of a landscape providing access to drinking water, recreation and contribute to the development of thriving economies. Iowa’s waterways are the closest we can get to interacting with and learning from wild/natural landscapes. We aim to develop new and locally pertinent earth science curricula that create meaningful learning opportunities for Iowa’s teachers, students and communities. 

This work was supported by Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Conservation Education Program (CEP) 2020-21

Curricula - under development  

The basic goal of the following activities is to help Iowa's students engage and learn from our streams and rivers. Rivers are beautiful access points to explore our State's geologic and natural history. Our environments also present potential dangers, so all activities associated with streams and rivers should include adult supervision.        

PreK-3:  1. Water and sediment,  2. Wind and Sediment,  3. Energy processes, products and shapes 

3-5: 1. Water erosion, 2. Biologic Evolution/Unity and Diversity, 3. Earth's Place in the Universe/Creek Exploration, 4. Landscape patterns, 5. Landform patterns using Maps

6-8/Middle School 1. Rivers and the Water Cycle, 2. Earth's Systems, 3. Monitor and Minimize Human Impact, 4. Population size and consumption , 5. Earth and Human Activity - Water testing, 6. Rivers, Science and Music       

9-12/High School 1. Glaciers and Rivers , 2. Effects of water on landforms 3. Rivers and the Foodweb in sandy ecosystems       

Digital River Resources for Iowa

Music inspired by our streams and rivers  (STEAM)

United States Geological Survey,  1. Water Science School, 2. Surface water 

Interactive Tool, Model my Watershed  

Iowa Department of Natural Resournces, 1. Water Quality, 2. Watershed Improvement  3. BioNet, (biological data)  4. ABDNet (water qulaity data), 5. AQuIA (chemical data), 6. Water Trails

University of Iowa,  Iowa Flood Center  - Flood Information System 

University of Northern Iowa - 1.Hydrology,  around Cedar Falls, 2. Geographic Alliance of Iowa 

Iowa Public Television, 1. Water Quailty Media , 2. Land and Sky Project   3.Phenomena Project  

Public Broadcasting Service - LearningMedia - Earth and Space Science   

Iowa Geological Survey 1. Landscape Map, 2. Aquifer Map 3. GeoSam

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Water Sense  

Carleton College, MN - Science Education Resource Center      

Iowa Academy of Science - National Wildlife Refuge Audio Series  

United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Sea-level Rise Viewer  

Iowa State University - 1. Daily Erosion Project   

Iowa Rivers Revival -  Leading Iowans to Restore, Protect and Enjoy our Rivers 

Izaak Walton League of America - Iowa Stream Monitoring  

History of the Des Moines River - Speaker Series, DSM Metro. Planning Organization 

Life Along the Des Moines River - by Cherie E. Haury-Artz