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Geologic Jeopardy

Jeopardy is a familiar game that students can relate and use to review for an upcoming exam.  Powerpoint may be used to easily build and customize a structured review. Feel free to use the example posted below! Have fun customizing your own categories and answers!

The basic method of using PowerPoint to construct a Geologic Jeopardy game.. 1) Build a table (5 rows * 5 columns works well) 2) Define your categories and answers to match your course content 3) hyperlink your content slide to the corresponding point values on the ‘game board slide’

A.  After advancing to the desired slide, right click and choose ‘last viewed’ to go back to the game board
B. Offer 5 or so credit points to the team with the most points
C. Have the class divide themselves into groups and come up with a team name that is related to the course content
D. Mix up the questions… Board drawing, photos, videos, etc.

Here is an example to get you started! If you come up with a cool variation of this or another game please share it with the IGEIN!

PowerPoint Geologic Jeopardy Example (C.E.Heinzel, UNI geology)