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Using GIS in your Science Classrooms - A University of Northern Iowa Science Education Graduate Class Techniques for Science Teachers




Welcome to my University of Northern Iowa on-line course! The primary course goals are to help you: 1. Develop the necessary content knowledge and confidence to begin using GIS in your classrooms; B. Learn where and how to access, free, GIS data that is pertinent to your local schools/areas, and C. Empower you with the skills to collect, share, and engage your students with your own relevant GIS data!

Disscussed documents and/or websites...

Iowa Flood Center

Google Earth :-) Links (week 8)

Carleton College SERC

Google Earth 'explore'



Previous liniks... (Currently unavaiable due to the government 'shut down' )

ISU's Map Server

Iowa Geological and Water Survey

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Climate Change 2013 - The Physical Science Basis)

Earth Science Literacy

This website is excellent too, please check it out !!!


Lecture slides

Lecture 1(What is GIS)

* Link to lecture 1 Adobe Connect session =

Lecture 2 (Coordinate Systems)

* Link to lecture 2 via Adobe Connect session =

Lecture 3 (Getting to know Quantum GIS software)

*Link to lecture 3 via the Adobe Connect session =

Lecture 4 (Gathering data via the internet)

*Link to lecture 4 via the Adobe Connect session =

Lecture 5 (Maps - The Good, Bad, and Ugly)

*Link to lecture 5 =

Lecture 6 (Teaching geology with GIS)

*Link to lecture 6 =

Lecture 7 - Working with QGIS2

*Link to lecture 7 =

Lecture 8 Google Earth and Science Classrooms

*Link to lecture 8 =

Lecture 9 - Using GPS/GIS to teach topographic maps

Link to lecture 9 =

Lecture 10 = No class Oct. 30, Chad will be in Colorado...

Lecture 11 = Environmental Science and GIS

Link to lecture 11 =

Lecture 12 = The Geology of Iowa (Content)

Link to lecture 12 =

Final Project Description

Link to class presentations =



Homeworks are in a word document (not .docx) you should be able to save it (right click then SAVE LINK/Target As), write your responses, and e-mail back to me at by the following Monday.

Week 1 (none)

Week 2 (Due via e-mail to by 8pm on Monday Sept. 9)

Week 3 (download QGIS software)

Week 4 (GIS data via the Web, due by Saturday Sept. 29)

Week 5 (none, meeting on the UNI campus)

Week 6 ( Developing a Geology Themed project and Map)

Week 7 ( QGIS 2.0, we should be flexible and change, Homework is to download v. 2.0)

Week 8 Google Earth Lesson Plan Development

Example 1 and Example 2

Week 9 - Design a Topographic Map activity with or without a scientific theme Nothing due, but here are some files you can try to download and play with...

Files for week 9 (1. Iowa counties , 2 . Bedrock surface elevation , 3 . Surface topography , 4. NED 10m 5. Cedar Falls Quad, 6. 1930's airphoto of Black Hawk Co. 7. DEM of Blk Hawk Co. 8. A USGS 1:100,000 Quad of your choice (see video below if you need help downloading it from the IA DNR site...

Week 10 Options

Week 11 None

Week 12 - Final Project selection statement...

Final Project Description



QGIS (User manual, large doc. AND a What is GIS reading)

ESRI - GIS for Schools

Iowa DNR GIS data

Geospatial One Stop (Federal)

Stanford University GIS Links


Video assistance

The video vault (previous homework assistance)

Untitled from Explore Iowa's Geology (IGEIN) on Vimeo.