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Using GIS in your Science Classrooms - A University of Northern Iowa Science Education Graduate Class Techniques for Science Teachers

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Welcome to my University of Northern Iowa on-line course! The primary course goals are to help you: 1. Develop the necessary content knowledge and confidence to begin using GIS in your classrooms; B. Learn where and how to access, free, GIS data that is pertinent to your local schools/areas, and C. Empower you with the skills to collect, share, and engage your students with your own relevant GIS data!

Disscussed documents and/or websites...

Iowa Flood Center

Google Earth :-) Links (week 8)

Carleton College SERC

Google Earth 'explore'



Previous liniks...

ISU's Map Server

Iowa Geological and Water Survey

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Climate Change 2013 - The Physical Science Basis)

Earth Science Literacy

This website is excellent too, please check it out !!!


Lecture slides

Lecture 1(What is GIS)

Lecture 2 (Coordinate Systems)

Lecture 3 (Getting to know Quantum GIS software)

Lecture 4 (Gathering data via the internet)

Lecture 5 (Maps - The Good, Bad, and Ugly)

Lecture 6 (Teaching geology with GIS)

Lecture 7 - Working with QGIS2

Lecture 8 Google Earth and Science Classrooms

Lecture 9 - Using GPS/GIS to teach topographic maps

Lecture 10 = Environmental Science and GIS

Lecture 121 = The Geology of Iowa (Content)

Final Project Description

Link to class presentations =



Homeworks are in a word document (not .docx) you should be able to save it (right click then SAVE LINK/Target As), write your responses, and e-mail back to me at by the following Monday.

Week 1 (none)

Week 2 (Due via e-mail to by 8pm on Monday Sept. 9)

Week 3 (download QGIS software)

Week 4 (GIS data via the Web, due by Saturday Sept. 29)

Week 5 (none, meeting on the UNI campus)

Week 6 ( Developing a Geology Themed project and Map)

Week 7 ( QGIS, we should be flexible and change, Homework is to download v. 3.8)

Week 8 Google Earth Lesson Plan Development

Example 1 and Example 2

Week 9 - Design a Topographic Map activity with or without a scientific theme Nothing due, but here are some files you can try to download and play with...

Files for week 9 (1. Iowa counties , 2 . Bedrock surface elevation , 3 . Surface topography , 4. NED 10m 5. Cedar Falls Quad, 6. 1930's airphoto of Black Hawk Co. 7. DEM of Blk Hawk Co. 8. A USGS 1:100,000 Quad of your choice (see video below if you need help downloading it from the IA DNR site...

Week 10 Options

Week 11 None

Week 12 - Final Project selection statement...

Final Project Description



QGIS (User manual, large doc. AND a What is GIS reading)

ESRI - GIS for Schools

Iowa DNR GIS data

Stanford University GIS Links


Video assistance

The video vault (previous homework assistance)

Untitled from Explore Iowa's Geology (IGEIN) on Vimeo.