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Geologic Field Methods @ UNI - Dr. Heinzel - Fall 2020


In general geologic field work is…
A. Observing, characterizing, classifying, interpreting geologic environments.
B. Applying geologic principles and knowledge to understand and sustainably interact with the Earth and beyond.
C. Creating geologic maps, stratigraphic sections, graphs and reports that communicates the results of field work.

Syllabus , Semester Project Description,

Week 4 handout Homework and Exam 1 (Friday, September 11) Outline

Iowa Geology - Semester Project Description   

Lecture Summaries

Week 1 Field Geology Philosophy and Applications          

Week 2 Structural Geology Review

Week 3 Field Journals/Outcrop Sketching

Week 4 Field Photography and Sampling

Week 5 Tower Rock Park Intro and Fiedwork

Week 6 Sedimentary Rocks and Environments  Introduction  Monday Sept. 21 , Sedimentary Box in class 

Week 7 Sedimentary Rocks and Stratigraphy, Introduction Monday Sept. 28 , Lab developing a graphic/stratigraphic log of Iowa's Paleozoic Handout One, Two, and Three. Due Monday Sept. 5.    

Week 8 Mapping Igneous settings, Introduction Monday, Oct. 5, Lab,  Wednesday/Igenous intrusive and extrusive settings

Week 9 Structural Geology #1 Monday Oct. 12 and #2 Wednesday Oct. 14 

Week 10 Start Quaternary Mapping/Geomorphology , Monday October 19, Test 2 on Wednesday Oct. 21 Learning guide #2 

Week 11 Quaternary environments #2 Friday Oct. 30

Week 12 Quaternary #3 

Week 13/14 Field safety and survial and Project presentations


Lab 1 Earth Materials in Review

Lab 2 Field Method Tools, Practice Makes Perfect Handouts - Field Gear List , Taking Field Notes  

Lab 3 Geologic Sketch of the UNI Campanile

Lab 4 Digital Recon of Carroll 

Lab 5 Sedimentary Lab Box  

Lab 6 Stratigraphy

Lab 8 Igneous setting Lab Box

Lab 9 Structural Geology via Google Earth (complete and turn in activities 1-3) Shared via google drive.

Lab 10 = Test 2

Lab 11 - Glacial background and mapping

Lab 12  - Morgan Quarry Site Visit 

Video to help with lab

 Video #2 -Part of Stuctural Geology Review



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Great Lakes Concerns (EPA)


Iowa Geological Survey