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Geologic Field Methods @ UNI - Dr. Heinzel - Fall 2022

Important Handouts: 1. Syllabus , 2. Project Description

In general geologic field work is…
A. Observing, characterizing, classifying, interpreting geologic environments.
B. Applying geologic principles and knowledge to understand and sustainably interact with the Earth and beyond.
C. Creating geologic maps, stratigraphic sections, graphs and reports that communicates the results of field work.


Week 1 Field Geology Philosophy and Safety Slides 1      

Week 2 Basic equipment and applications, Tools, Slides 2

Week 3 Basic equipment and applications Digital, outdoor lab

Week 4 Characterizing rock and sediments, outdoor lab

Week 5 Structural geology and mapping, outdoor lab

Week 6 Glacial, Fluvial and eolian environments Slides 3

Week 7 Quaternary sediment and soil description, Slides 4

Week 8 Stratigraphic sections Slides 5, Plus photography and sketching Slides 6

Week 9 Watershed and stream deliniation

Week 10 Geologic mapping on a topgrpahic base

Week 11 Glacial environments of the upper Midwest

Week 12 Carbonate environments

Week 13 Open

Week 14 Fall Break

Week 15 Igneous to metamorphic, Field studies

Week 16 Open


Lab 1 -  Earth Materials in Review and Field safety Field Gear List

Lab 2 - Field Methods and Tools

Lab 3 - Digital Field Equipment

Lab 4 - Illustrations, field notes and reports Handout - Taking Field Notes

Lab 5 - Field Trip to Baraboo, WI

Lab 6 - Tripoli Quarry

Lab 7 - Soil characterization

Lab 8 - Dry Run Creek Restoration Prj.

Lab 9 - Maquoketa Trip

Lab 10 - Cedar Hills Sand Praire

Lab 11 -

Lab 12 - Geologic Cores


Extra help

Structural Geology Review

Field Photography and Sampling

Video to help with lab

 Video #2 -Part of Stuctural Geology Review



Minnesota Geological Survey

Great Lakes Concerns (EPA)


Iowa Geological Survey