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University of Northern Iowa - Dr. Chad Heinzel

Natural Resources and Civilizations

Introduction to the interactions and relationships between humans and natural resources: stone, clay, soil, water, plants. Geoarchaeological findings from the Mediterranean

Excellent :-) preparation for my Capstones (Southern Italy, Sicily, Egypt)

Coursework -

Week 1 - Intro. to Natural Resources and Civilizations - Survival to Growth

Week 2 - Science - Linkages between the Earth and Humanity - A. Fragility and the Evolution of Humanity - Xavier Le Pichon - B. "The Inner Landscape of Beauty" John O'Donohue

Week 3 - Egyptians to Romans, Mediterranean developments

Week 4 - Relationships with water - Life, transportation and culture

Week 5 - Mining and construction - Shelter, infrastructure and sport

Week 6 - Agricultural developments - Sustenance to Terrior

Week 7 - Archaeology of Material Culture - Clay to ceramics

Week 8 - Resources and Conflict - Trade, mafia and warfare

Week 9 - Natural resources and humanity via artistic expersion

Week 10 - Spring Break

Week 11 - Political systems, leadership, corrruption, choices - Jared Diamond

Week 12 - Climate Change - Critical thresholds and tipping points

Week 13 - Please read Wicked Problems and address the questions in Worksheet

Week14 - Please read Geoarchaeology of the Chuddia River Valley Western Sicily

Week 15 - Environmental Sustainability past, present and our future

Week 16 - Steps toward improving our current civilization