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Natural Resources and Civilizations

Changing with the times...


Topic 1 - Intro. to Natural Resources and Civilizations - Survival to Growth

Topic 2 - Science - Linkages between the Earth and Humanity - A. Fragility and the Evolution of Humanity - Xavier Le Pichon - B. "The Inner Landscape of Beauty" John O'Donohue

Topic 3 - Egyptians to Romans, Mediterranean developments, Panopto video1

Topic 4 - Relationships with water - Life, transportation and culture , Panopto video2

Topic 5 - Mining and construction - Shelter, infrastructure and sport , Panopto video3

Topic 6 - Agricultural developments - Sustenance to Terrior, In class

Topic 7 - Archaeology of Material Culture - Clay to ceramics, In class

Topic 8 - Resources and Conflict - Trade, mafia and warfare, In class

Topic 9 - Natural resources and humanity via artistic expersion, In class

Spring Break - Moving online

Online Week 1- Political systems, leadership, corrruption, choices - Jared Diamond

Online Week 2- Climate Change - Where do we go from here? Activities - The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is coming up... National Geographic April 2020, The hardcopy is amazing as usual it is divided into two halves - 1. How We Saved the World - An Optimist Guide to Life on Earth in 2070, Turn the magazine over... B. How We Lost the Planet - A Pessimist's Guide to Life on Earth in 2070. The website requires a subscription but here are the primary essays Optimist Vs Pessimist , Here is a podcast for this week Activities Jan. 10, 2020 Science Friday Geoengineering/Climate Podcast... Here are the instructions, I will include this in the email too

Topic 13 - Please start with this Worksheet and about half way through you will need to read Wicked Problems Paper and answer a few more questions...

Topic 14 - Open/getting caught up

Week 5 - Environmental Economics and Politics past and present, Presentation link is here

Week 6 - Environmental solutions, opportunities and the quest for sustainability, presentation link is here, homework was sent via email on April 27 and found here... The homework is due on or before Monday May 4.

Finals Week - Final Open Discussion, Not Mandatory, VIA, ZOOM , Thursday, May 7, 11 AM, I will send out the participation link via email on the morning of Th. May 7.