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Natural Resources and Civilizations

Changing with the times...


Topic 1 - Intro. to Natural Resources and Civilizations - Survival to Growth

Topic 2 - Science - Linkages between the Earth and Humanity - A. Fragility and the Evolution of Humanity - Xavier Le Pichon - B. "The Inner Landscape of Beauty" John O'Donohue

Topic 3 - Egyptians to Romans, Mediterranean developments, Panopto video1

Topic 4 - Relationships with water - Life, transportation and culture , Panopto video2

Topic 5 - Mining and construction - Shelter, infrastructure and sport , Panopto video3

Topic 6 - Agricultural developments - Sustenance to Terrior, In class

Topic 7 - Archaeology of Material Culture - Clay to ceramics, In class

Topic 8 - Resources and Conflict - Trade, mafia and warfare, In class

Topic 9 - Natural resources and humanity via artistic expersion, In class

Spring Break - Moving online

Online Week 1- Political systems, leadership, corrruption, choices - Jared Diamond

Online Week 2- Climate Change - Where do we go from here? Activities - The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is coming up... National Geographic April 2020, The hardcopy is amazing as usual it is divided into two halves - 1. How We Saved the World - An Optimist Guide to Life on Earth in 2070, Turn the magazine over... B. How We Lost the Planet - A Pessimist's Guide to Life on Earth in 2070. The website requires a subscription but here are the primary essays Optimist Vs Pessimist , Here is a podcast for this week Activities Jan. 10, 2020 Science Friday Geoengineering/Climate Podcast... Here are the instructions, I will include this in the email too

Topic 13 - Please start with this Worksheet and about half way through you will need to read Wicked Problems Paper and answer a few more questions...

Topic 14 - Open, Zoom Party Hour T.B.A. not required

Topic 15 - Environmental Sustainability past, present and our future

Topic 16 - Steps toward improving our current civilization