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Session 2 (April 2, 2018) =

Session 3 (April 23, 2018) = TBA

Lecture slides

Lecture 1 - Part 1 History and the Importance of Geology in Iowa PDF slides ( Powerpoint Slides )

Lecture 1 - Part 2 Geology Concepts, Principles and Tools PDF slides ( Powerpoint Slides )

* Link to the Lecture 1 Adobe Connect session = CLICK HERE

Lecture 2 - Part 1 - Minerals and Rocks of Iowa ( Powerpoint Slides )

Lecture 2 - Part 2 - Iowa's Bedrock ( Powerpoint Slides )

* Links to the Lecture 2 Adobe Connect Session

Lecture 3 - Iowa's Surfacial Geology in powerpoint, if you need a .pdf let me know..

* Link to the Lecture 3 Adobe Connect session click on the following link....


Homework - Try to submit these by the following Monday by 5pm to my e-mail , if you cannot make that deadline, just let me know...

Lecture 1 Pdf , Due before or on April 2. ( word docx. format ) Sent via UNI e-mail

Lecture 2 .pdf Due on or before April 23. ( word .docx format )

Lecture 3 - Write a short paper (about 2 pages) that A. Identifies the Landform Region of Iowa that you live in, and B. Explains the characteristics of that region (its history and current characteristics), Due date to strive for is... May 7

Our presentation and these links should help with your surficial geology of Iowa paper...

Iowa Landforms (old version), Info. from the IA DNR , and a map



Plate tectonics

Blog series about our developing understanding of plate tectonics, interesting

NY Times - Animated Pangea Video

Evolution and deep time

Science, Evolution and Creationism (National Academy of Sciences)

Here is another link for helping people understand the accuracy of radiometric dating

One of my favorite podcasts, that outlines my personal outlook on science and religion, Link to the Krista Tippett interview of Xavier Le Pichon You can download the podcast here


National Center for Science Education (NCSE) - Defedning the Teaching of Evolution and Climate Science

Iowa Geological Survey

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Climate Change 2013 - The Physical Science Basis)

Earth Science Literacy

This website is excellent too, please check it out !!!

UNI_CAT-ID Guidebook


Past news and comments

Summary from our 'pre-meeting' March 3 including a section of FAQs