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Geomorphology @ UNI - Dr. Heinzel

Syllabus - Fall 2019

Lecture slides (These slides are subject to change, if I show something in class, it is not present here, just let me know and I will get it to you ;-)

Earth's Dynamic Surface

A Geomorphologist's Tool Kit


Soil development

Watersheds and Fluvial Dynamics

Student Fluvial Q/A

Mass Wasting



Eolian (in class only)

Climate and landscape evolution (in class only)

The Eastcentral Iowa Drift Plain (in class only)


Dry Run Creek Project 2019

2016 UNI Geomorphology Dry Run Creek Assessment

A day in the life of Dry Run Creek, Cedar Falls, Iowa - Under Development



Week 1 - Finney, S.C. The Anthropocene epoch: Scientific decision or political statement? GSA Today, v. 26, no. 3-4, p. 4-10

Hooke, R.L., 2000, On the history of humans as geomorphic agents: Geologic Society of America, Geology, v.28, no.9, p. 843-846.

Week 3 - Handout - Birkeland, P.W., 1999, Soils and Geomorphology, New York, Oxford University press – Chapter 11, Application of Soils to Geomorphological, Sedimentological, and Environmental Studies

Week 4 - Bettis, E.A., Benn, D.W., Hajic, E.R, 2008, Landscape evolution, alluvial architecture, environmental history and archaeological record of the Upper Mississippi River Valley: J. of Geomorphology, v.101, p. 362-377

Week 6/7 - Schumm paper 1, Schumm paper 2, then Rosgen paper 1

Week 9 - Handout - Walters, J.C., 1994, Ice-wedge casts and relict polygonal patterned ground in Northeast Iowa: Permaforst and Periglacial Processes, v.5, p.269-282.

Week 10 - Alley, R.B., et al., Ice-sheet and Sea-level Changes: Science, v.310, p. 356-360

Week 11 - Mason, J.A., 2015, Up in the refrigerator – Geomorphic response to periglacial environments in the Upper Mississippi River Basin USA: J. of Geomorphology, v.248, p.363-381

Week 15 - Fitch, E.P., and Meyer, G.A., 2016, Temporal and spatial climatic controls on Holocene fire-related erosion and sedimentation, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico: Quaternary Research, v.85, p.75-86

Week 16 - Heinzel, C.E., and Kolb, M.J., 2011, Late Holocene Land use on the Island of Sicily: A geoarchaeological perspective, in Human Interactions with the Geosphere: The Geoarchaeological perspective, Wilson, L. (ed.): Geological Society of London, London, England, Special Publication #352, p. 97-107.

Video/lecture assistance

Rock Cycle/Energy/Bowen's and Goldich Reaction series



Intro. Youtube video from Peter Knight

Mass Wasting


Dry Run Creek, Cedar Falls Iowa