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The following links and audio discussions are being compiled to help Iowa's teachers to learn about and convey geologic concepts and techniques for our students. Digital media can be great tool to help introduce concepts, keep your students up to date by following current geologic events, and much more! If you know of an excellent resource that is not mentioned here please forward your information to the Iowa Geologic Education Information network at IGEIN@UNI.EDU.


Making SCIENCE Class the coolest! (An NPR Science Friday discussion)



Geology in Iowa

The Iowa Geological Survey

The Geological Society of Iowa


United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Science Education

National Geographic Lesson Plans

Virtual Field Trips (Arizona State University)


Climate (NOAA)


Project Wet (Worldwide Water Education)

Water Science for Schools -United States Geological Survey

Real-time Water Flow and Quality Data for a river near YOU!


Ocean World (Texas A& M University/Jason Project)

Ocean Explorer (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA))

Rocks and Minerals

Mineral and Rock = Natural Resources (USGS)

Mineralogy for Kids (Mineralogical Society of America)

Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection

Rocks for Kids


Soil education (Natural Resources Conservatoin Service, NRCS)


Learn about Earthquakes (USGS)

Recent and historic earthquake activity (USGS)

More earthquake links (A lot more!)


Volcano World (Oregon State Uni.)


JetStream (NOAA)

The STORM Project (University of Northern Iowa)

Tornado Saftey and Preparedness (SafeStars)

Home Preparation Tips for Weather Hazards

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) K-16

ESRI Education Community