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Virtual Capstone in Southern Italy- Dr. Chad Heinzel

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Course logistics=   1. Syllabus (May5,V2), 2. All in person sessions will start at 9am (C.S.T./USA)  , 3. Homework is due on or before 8pm each Friday, 4. Podcasts may listened to on your computer OR may be download to your computer then phone by right-clicking and selecting save-link-as                   

Week 1, Italian Society

   In person sessions, Monday/May 10 - Course Introduction, recording  , Monday's PreQuiz Tuesday/May 11 Giovanni :-)  Terrior, food, drink and family in Southern Italy  (Summary pdf), Thursday/ May 13 Prof. Novellino Mafia History  

   Outside of class work,  Video: Learning from the past – Jared Diamond and Civilizations ,  Podcasts: Dr. Lori Santos, Happiness – 1. You Can Change and 2. Making the Grade  , Reading: Wicked problems

   Friday Week 1 Homework/Quiz, Due on or before 8pm May 14, same document but in PDF  

Post week 1 education Handout 1, other info virtually to start Week 2        

Week 2, Human environmental interrelationships

   In person sessions, Monday/May 17, Dr. Heinzel Intro.,  OR Just the slides   Tuesday/May 18 Tour of Naples Archaeological Museum (1 hr 30min+) , Wednesday/May 19 Tour of Pompeii Archaeological Site (1hr 30min+)    

   Outside of class work: Readings= 1. David Montgomery (just the Mediterrean section), Graveyard of Empires , 2. Donatella de Rita, Comparing Rome and Naples - Understanding and using geology is important   

Week 2 Homework/Quiz,  Due on or before 8pm on May 21, same homework, but in PDF   

Week 3, Italian Art and Technology

   In person sessions, Monday/May 24, Dr. Heinzel Intro. Zoom Recording , Tuesday/May 25 Nicola Puma Engineer Zoom Recording , Wednesday/May 26,  Dr. Heinzel Provides a Virtual Tour of Florence and Rome

   Outside of class work, Podcast, Joe Rogan – Sebastian Junger listen from 7min 25sec to 1hour 50min 40sec. Reading, The Atlantic – Capitalism’s Addiction Problem by Maya MacGuineas

Week 3 Homework/Quiz, Due on or before 8pm on May 28, same homework, but in PDF  

Week 4, Is Environmental Sustainability the answer?

   In person sessions, Monday May 31, Dr. Heinzel intro. (will be taped and posted/We will not meet in person on the Memorial Day/Holiday) , Tuesday/June 1, Dr. Rosario Calcagno, Mount Etna, It's environments, life and hazards , Wednesday/June 2 OPEN for discussion  

   Outside of class work:  Podcast, Robin Wall Kimmerer, On-being by Krista Tippett interview , Virtual Italian cooking class from Dr. Heinzel (if class is intersted)  , United Nations Sustainablity Development Goals 

    Week 4, Homework , Due on or before 8pm on June 4 , same homework in PDF

Exploring Southern Italy and Sicily

Rick Steves Podcasts : Italy - Italian Cuisine 1 (audio), Italian Cuisine 2 (audio), Pasta 101 (audio) , Rome - Colosseum (audio AND map) , Sistine Chapel (audio AND map) , St. Peters (audio AND map) , Pantheon (audio AND map), Michelangelo in Rome (audio), Rome Beneath the surface (audio)

Learning about the Italian and Sicilian Culture  

Learning Italian numbers and phrases... Page1 , Page 2 , Page 3 , Page 4

Sicilian Wines, a brief introduction

Further exploration 


Housing recommendation - Stay at a B and B to save money, Cross Pollinate works well, it helps to be able to speak some Italian AND you will need a working cell phone upon arrivel to get in, it is cheaper and more fun than a hotel, but B and Bs do requre a bit more work   

Favorite cafes: Sant'EustachioAntigua Tazzo Adora    Favorite Gellaterias: Old Bridge,  Della Palma , Frigidarium

More info. 

 Virtual Vatican,  Museums Pio Clemintino, on to the Raphael Rooms, Belvedere Torso, Sistine Chapel    

Trajan's Column, National Geographic article , info graphic (may require membership)       

A War Diary Soars Over Rome (National Geographic, April 2015)

BBC Historical Research

Roman Emperors

The British Museum

The Vatican  


Housing recommendation - B and B Cross Pollinate Florence  OR Hostels. Archi Rossi, closer to old city center   PLUS Florence is big, good for Familes 

Favorite sandwich shops I Fratellini (website is broken) All'Antico Vinaio

The Academia virtual tour and information 

The Uffizi Gallery and information   

Egadi Islands

La Grotta del Genovese


Aeolian Islands

Stromboli #1

Stromboli #2


Further reading...

Italian History