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Study Abroad in Iceland - Dr. Chad Heinzel

Logistics - 'There isn't any bad weather only bad clothing' Looking for Content Click Here

Clothing: Information on how to dress, Average winter temps are -5 to 5 C or 23 to 41 F. Using a layering system is your best bet to stay warm, making sure your outer layer can stop the wind and water from getting to your skin. Here are some ideas on 'What to Pack' If you have questions or concerns about clothing, please let me know. Make sure to bring a swimsuit or two as well, we will be going to the Blue Lagoon and hopefully some of Reykjavik's geothermal/outdoor public pools, Vesturbaejarlaug and Sundholl

Power/Energy: Adapters vs Converters, Adapaters just allow you to plug your cords/devices into the wall. These will be all you need for your phone and/or computer. Converters are more expensive, they reduce the amout of energy coming out of the wall. Here is some electrical information, to use electricy in Iceland you will need a C / F adapter. Here is an example of the one I will use, I like it becuase it also has USB charging ports. *Warning* Using a USA hair dryer without and sometime with a converter may cause a fire.

Money: Your ATM and/or Credit Cards will work well in Iceland, BUT do notify your bank in writing that you will be in Iceland from Jan. 4 to 14. At the moment the dollar to kronur is in our favor, 1 Dollar = 145 Kroner. Food will still be expensive. I recommend bringing a few of your favorite Cliff or Pro Bar on the go meal snacks you can use them as a meal if running short on money and/or as a snack to help keep you warm.

Housing: We will be staying in downtown/old town Reykavik at the Center Hotel. Here is a map of downtown Reykavik. We will also be staying at the Hellisholar Cottages away from the city one night.. Location, map of the cottages.

Food and entertainment: We are within walking distance of the Harpa, check out if there are any events that you would be interested in for our 'free' time. I am working on a list for nearby places to check out, feel free to explore in small groups :-)

Coffee about $5 - Cafe Rosenberg Vesturgata 3, Cafe Balbalu Skolavorostigur 22 , Reykjavik Rost Gerisgata 5 , Kaffibrennslan Laugavegur 21 , Mokkakaffi Skolavorstigur 3A , Reykjavik Rosters Brautarholt 2

Restaurants - There are a lot of options to eat in 'oldtown' Reykjavik with variable prices... here are a few examples; Famous Hotdogs about $10 Baejarins Beztu Pylsur Tryggvagata 1, Mandi MidEastern $13 salads, wraps Veltusund 3b, 101 Bistro $28 salads, burgers and pizza Austurstraeti 3, Messinn $28 Fish specialties Laekjargata 6b, Grillmarkaorinn High end $100+ traditional Icelandic dishes Laekjargata 2a , Arctic Adventures Blog - Cheap Eats in Reykjavik, two already appear above :-), info about Icelandic Beer