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Study Abroad in Iceland Content - Dr. Chad Heinzel

Primary Student Learning Outcomes:

Values: Analyze the origins and consequences of one’s own personal values
Ethics: Apply ethical reasoning to important issues facing society

• Characterize basic properties and usages of minerals, rocks, clay, water, energy sources, soil, timber and landscapes as they relate to human activities.
• Effectively communicate how a region’s natural resources influence a civilization’s economy, health, trade relationships, technological advancements, agricultural potential and potential conflict/warfare. 
• Develop empathy and understanding toward cultural diversity, through learning the importance of having inclusive sociopolitical infrastructures while celebrating our important and unique backgrounds.
• Recognize the difference between opinion and scientific knowledge, and be able to apply critical-thinking to support your personal and civic decisions.
• Compare and contrast the successes and failures of the Roman, Egyptian and Native American cultures with respect to their relationships toward natural resources/environments.
“Learning from the past, so that we may not suffer the same fate of past/failed Civilizations.”

Syllabus 2024

Core content - Slides #1

Geologic History - Slides #2

Natural & Human History - Slides #3


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