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The Pennsylvanian Geology of South-Central Iowa

South Central Iowa contains important natural resources of coal, limestone, sandstone, clay, and shale. These deopsits contain a record of Iowa's landscapes during the Pennsylvanian Epoch (305 million years ago)! The following videos were taken during a Geologic Society of Iowa field excursion (April 17, 2010). Want to learn more check out Geologic Society of Iowa Guidebook (GSI-86) !

Introduction to the areas general geology and quarries of south central Iowa

Tom Marshall (IGWS) discussing the areas general stratigraphy (rock layers) and introducing geologic concepts such as sequence boundaries, fossil assembleges (conodonts) and more.

Tom and Dr.Philip Heckel discuss Pennsylvanian sea life and sediments.

Dr. Heckel discusses global rock and fossil correlations stratigies that help geologists understand the Earth's history.

General geology discussion of the Decatur City Quarry 

Images from the field

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Learn more about Conodonts , and more about the Geology of Southern Central Iowa from Guidebook #5, The Charokee Sandstone