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The Geology of Klein and Conklin Quarries (Johnson Co., Iowa)

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Located near Coralville and Iowa City, the Klein and Conklin quarries provide a unique window into the Earth's past. These quarries are owned and operated by the River Products Company and are NOT open to the public without permission. We thank them for allowing us a chance to access their facilities and their continued support in geologic education! (Link to page 2)

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Brian Witzke and Art Bettis (IGWS and U of I) introducing Klein Quarry. They are speaking about the sedimentary rock (Devonian and Pennsylvanian 375 to 300 million years ago) and Quaternary sediments (deposited by glaciers within the past 2 million years).Key words geologic contacts, pyrite, oxidation

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Bob McKay and Art Bettis (IGWS and U of I) Glacial movement in Iowa (Part 1) - At this locality the glacial ice moved across Devonian bedrock. Keywords: Glacial scratching/striations, stream lined glacial forms, glacial flow direction

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Art Bettis and Chuck Rovey (U of I and SW Missouri State) Glacial movement (Part 2) - Key words: till, unoxidized vs. oxidized, viscous ice, weathering surface, palaeosol, and sediment deformation structures.

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Art Bettis, Bob McKay, and Chuck Rovey - Glacial movement (Part 3) Keywords: till deposits, debris-rich ice, basal ice, terminal moraine, and glacial obstacles.

Images from the field (Klein Quarry)