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Syllabus (old)

Podcast for Friday the last day of class...

Fragility and the Evolution of Humanity - NPR Being - Host Krista Tippett interviews Xavier Le Pichon, Very Intersting, Click here to learn more! Please write a summery of the interview (no more than one page) and pesonal reflection (no more than one page). *You may click and listen on your computer or right click and 'Save Target As' to download the mp3 to your computer then to a personal mp3 player

Weekly guides

Science (Week 1)

Geology Unit

Mineals, Rocks and the Rock Cycle (Week 3)

Weather Unit

Weather Jeopardy

IiESS Exam 2 Study Outline

El-Nino Presentation

Severe Weather Presentation

Check point answers for Ch. 14 and 15

Checkpoint help

Chapter 2 and 3 (Astronomy)

Chapter 7 Rocks and Minerals (please don't print these out)



Taking a bearing of the raising or setting moon and sun

Minerals (not all 30 but with physical properties)

Mineral identification tables

Weathering vs. Erosion AND Soil vs. Dirt and/or ( soil horizon animation )




Understanding Science

How Science Works (Grades 3-5)



Earth Science Literacy

Iowa Geological and Water Survey

United States Geological Survey



Ocean Literacy

NOAA - NODC = National Oceanographic Data Center

NOAA - El-Nino

Good Earth - Text slides

Slide show - Ocean heat transfer

Slide show - Tropical to Sub-Tropical circulation

Slide show - El - Nino


The Great Lakes

Principles of the Great Lakes



The Weather Resource Page (Courtesy of Ms. Phillips’ Awesome Students (High five to you all :-) )

UNI STORM project

NOAA JetStream

NOAA - Play time for kids



UNI observatory sessions

Dr. Morgan's astronomy resources page

Dr. Morgan's Planets resources page (a source for data and photos)

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab


NPR Science Friday mp3s

Changing Climate Means Changing Oceans (1/21/11)

Searching For Science in a Glass of Beer (12/03/10)

Americans Fail the Climate Quiz (12/03/10)

Gulf Oil Spill Reveals New Oil Earting Bacteria (2010)

Going Green @ College (2010)

Global Warming Policy (2007)