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Wapsipinicon State Park & Quarry

The Geological Society of Iowa led their Fall 2009 field trip in the Anamosa area (eastern Iowa). This was an amazing opportunity to investigate eastern Iowa's bedrock, glacial sediments, and tour the Weber Stone Products Quarry and learn more about one of the USA's best building stones (a.k.a. Anamosa Stone).

Get ready, set, explore!

Introduction to the Weber Stone Company Quarry

A discussion of the interior of the Weber Company's underground Quarry Click here to learn more about one of Iowa's greatest natural resources!

Brian Witzke (IGWS) talks about the quarry's environment of deposition (What the environment was like in eastern Iowa during the Silurian) (Key words: carbonates, reefs, salinity, laminated beds)

A continued discussion about eastern Iowa during the Silurian (Key words: basin, formations, fossils)

Getting this great landscaping stone out of the ground (Photo an uncut block)

Deb Quade (IGWS) helps people learn about the young (less than 2 million year old sediment) that is removed from the surface (Key concepts: East central Iowa Drift Plain, Quaternary, Peoria Loess, Sangamon Palaeosol, Pre-Illinois Age Till, water quality)

Images from the field!


Want to learn more then check out the Geologic Socieity of Iowa's Guidebook 85

Click here for Page 2: The Geology of Wapsipinicon State Park