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Iowa's Rivers and Her Valleys - A collaborative effort between Iowa's Teachers, Naturalists, Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources, the University of Northern Iowa and Dr. C. E. Heinzel

The course, workshop and curricula

Syllabus - Spring 2020

I am also working on a soundtrack for this course - anyone want to help me out? Click Here for the Rivers-N-Music Page

Educator presentations - The following links should take you to your adobe connect log on page, once you sign in you should have access to the presentation. These will be posted within about 24hrs of each recording. If you can participate live log in shortly before 4pm each presentation Tuesday. Session lengths will very and will not go past 5:50.

Session 1 (March 10, 2020) = The geologic foundation recorded presentation, just slides in powerpoint and in pdf format.

Session 2 (March 31, 2020) = Rivers, Valleys , Humans their shared History - The recorded Zoom Session , slides in powerpoint and in pdf format.

Session 3 (April 21, 2020) = Fluvial processes, products and dymamic change - The recorded Part 1 Session 3 - Part 2 Session 3 (It is ready for your learning pleasure) Slides in powerpoint and in pdf format

Hot-links from Session 3 = Iowa DNR River Restoration Toolbox , U.S.G.S. Real time stream gauge data, Iowa Flood Information System ... Also check out my Vitural River page to understand more about channel processes and types :-) Suggested readings Iowa Geode/Stream Bank Erosion and a new article about the Mississippi River from the U of MN.

Session 4 (April 28, 2020) = Pathways toward positive community interactions, mitigation and recreation - The recorded session , Password = 7m#7l?62 , Slides in pdf format


#1 - March 31 (based on Session 1 and 2) Due on or before April 16, Ideally uploaded to your individual course Google Drive folders. Same Homework but in Word.docx format

#2 Geomorphology Homework from session 3 in Word.docx and in Pdf format. Due ideally on or before... April 26.

#3 - No home for session 4, the work begins on activity development....

When a river/life places a log/obstacle in front of you, what will you do? I say we keep moving forward and try to have fun doing it :-)

Interesting Models

Concord-Carlisle High School , Rivers & Revolutions Program, Massachusettes

Cary Institute of Ecosystems - Stream Ecology

IOWATER Program - Discontinued, archived materials

Ohio State University, Ohio Watershed Network - Teacher lesson plans

Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences - Teacher lesson plans (grades 9-12)

Stream Side Science, Lesson plans and activities, Utah


Carleton College, Science Education Research Center, Minnesota, Stream activity examples

USGS - A. Water Sceince School > B. Surface Water

U. of Iowa, IIHR, Cedar River Watershed , Iowa Flood Information Center

Dubuque - Bee Branch Creek Restoration

Dry Run Creek Project 2019

2016 UNI Geomorphology Dry Run Creek Assessment

A day in the life of Dry Run Creek, Cedar Falls, Iowa - Under Development

Reading further upstream, *GSI = Geologic Soceity of Iowa

The Maquoketa River Valley, GSI-56 , A USGS report Maquoketa River Flooding

Geology and Natural History of the Volga River, GSI-74

Geomorphology of the Little Sioux River, GSI-34

IOWATER Documents – Lakes and Rivers , Nitrogen in Iowa Rivers , REMAP Survey , Historic Drainage Patterns , Cedar River Nutrient Monitering , River Health

Iowa Rivers and Lakes Map, 2001   

Nature, River and Human interactions

NRCS Report on the Wapsipinicon River



Iowa Flood Information Center - U. of Iowa, Data for The Cedar River at Cedar Falls