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Geology and Natural History of Northern Minnesota

Session 1 - Minerals and Rocks of MN and IA

Session 2 Basic Geoloigic History of MN and IA (download questions HERE) Due Sept.11

Reading - Andy Thompson, 2015, UMD M.S. Thesis - BIF, Soudan Iron Mine

Session 3 - The Lake Superior Hiking Trial and Environmental Science - Due Sept. 18

Watch the video below, then write a 2 to 4 page paper (12 font/double spaced) describing how it relates to your observations along the Lake Superior Hiking Trial, what you learned from the trial and video, and how did what you learned change your perceptions of how we should interact with our environments? Due Sept. 18.

Session 4 - Economic Geology of Minnesota and Iowa Homework Here Due Sept. 26