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UNI Lifestyle Challenge

Dr. Chad Heinzel

The UNI Lifestyle Challenge (after Kirk and Thomas, 2003) is a way for you to learn about environmental alternatives by modifying your own lifestyle. It is a three-week exercise for you to reduce your impact on the environment by changing the way in which you live from day to day. The project has fairly rigid parameters, allowing you to achieve a gradual but definitive change in your everyday habits. Each of you will choose three different ways in which you are interested in changing your habits. The possible categories are: use of electricity and water, heat, automobile usage, food consumption, waste production and environmental education or activism. GOAL: Present your findings at UNI's Earth Day celebration, Check that no one is on campus do to the Covid19 Pandemic :-( So we are coming up with a new idea, stay tuned!

The UNI Lifestyle Challenge

Overview and directions


This document is are general recommendations to keep a Geologic-sytle Journal. You do not have to buy a fancy journal, for this project I would use your class google drive folder and docs... This is just for reference Field Journal Recommendations


Further reading and information

The Omnivore's Dilemma - by Michael Pollen

The Last Child in the Woods - by Richard Louv

Interview - by Xavier Le Pichon

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