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Italy to Sicily

I have spent a lot of time blissfully exploring southern Italy through geoarchaeological research, teaching and immersion. Through the University of Northern Iowa's Study Abroad Programs I have shared some of my favorite experiences with nearly three hundred students.  

Vatican City and Rome

View from St. Peter's Cupola, after hiking up 551 narrow stairs.

Palermo market

One of my favorite places to share with students, Palermo has a few 'old world' sytle markets that are amazing to experience. Vibrant, colorful, loud, tasty :-)

Colloseum, as high as you can go :-)

"Avē Imperātor, moritūrī tē salūtant" "Hail, Emperor, those who are about to die salute you"

Pope in St. Peter's Square

People flocking to get closer to the Pope

Trevi Fountain

This historic fountain in part commemorates Rome's first aquduct the Aqua Vergine

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