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University of Northern Iowa - Chad Heinzel, Ph.D.

Environment, Technology and Society Capstone - May 4 weeks

Syllabus May 11 to June 5, 2020, Version 2 , Zoom Discussions & Office Hour Wednesdays 10-11am

Final Project Due June 5 - Posted May 18

(IMPORTANT) Information, examples, rubric, and tutorials for the final project (IMPORTANT)

Learning objectives - Honestly, these objectives take a lifetime of continuous work – This class aims to help you move forward... After completing this course, you will…
1. Develop an understanding of the connectedness and complexities between humans and their environments;

2. Realize human behavior may have positive and negative implications upon our shared environments and cultures;

3. Gain appreciation of the Earth’s diverse environments, technologies, and societies;

4. Appreciate the value of all academic disciplines as vital components to preparing and living in a changing world;

5. Expand your knowledge and appreciation of political, ethical and empathetic attitudes necessary to develop and sustain a thriving civilization;

6. Will understand that there are serious problems facing our civilization’s shared environments and cultures. There are workable solutions that will require well-educated engaged citizens willing to work across cultural, geographic, ideological and religious differences.


Final Project Due June 5 - Posted May 18

(IMPORTANT) Information, examples, rubric, and tutorials for the final project (IMPORTANT)

Prelude and Logistics- Due Monday by Noon, 20 points for on time completion

FAQ -1. Are there any quizzes or tests - No , 2. What are you looking for to receive full credit on the Homework questions? - Loose rubric = A. Well thought out correct answers, combining the weekly content to your personal education/background, B. Well written paragraphs for short answers, C. Specific/detailed answers rather than generalized quick answers. 3. What is the final project going to be? I am working on that now, it will be available during week 2 before our next Wednesday discussion. 4. I cannot make it to the Wednesday discussions, will that be held against me? - They are valuable but not mandatory. They will help you learn the material, but are not graded. I will record and post the sessions for those that are not able to attend in person.

Final project/Final Exam Information , Planning for the Future with Enivronment, Technology and Society Due Friday, June 5 (will go live during Week 2)

Week 1 - Societies (Homework Questions, 60 points) . Due on or before May 19, Tuesday, 10 points per day will be deducted for late work

A. Chad's May Capstone Introduction - Via Panopto
B. Reading - Wicked Problems, The language within this reading may be hard to‘digest’it is a dense reading, but the ideas and concepts are central to our course, so please give some thought…
C. Learning from the Past - Jared Diamond Collapse TED Talk
D. Happiness - It's importance to our course and civilization (Podcasts #1 You can Change AND #2 Making the Grade) Listen on your browser OR right-click, download/save link as and put it on your phone , Wednesday#1 Zoom Session May 13, 2020 , Pword = 6v!NA^2Y

Week 2 - Environments - Energy, Processes, Change and the Human Race - 'live' May 18 - (Homework Questions, 75 points) Due on or before Tuesday, May 26, 10 points per day will be deducted for late work, Zoom Discussion Wednesday 10-11am

Please interact with these in the correct order:
A. Dr. Heinzel's Panopto - Environmental energy, processes, dynamic change and human influences B. H2O The Molecule that Made Us - Episode 1 - Pulse AND Episode 2 - Civilizations... , C. Suzan Simard, Ph.D., Soil and Ecology, Gustavus Adolphus College, Nobel Conference #54
D. Readings - Obtaining natural resources through mining - 1. New York Times - 2017 in Northern Minnesota, Two Economies Square Off: Mining vs Wilderness by Reid Forgrave AND 2. The Atlantic - Jan. 2020 - 20,000 Feet Under the Sea by Wil S. Hylton, 3. United States Geological Survey - Cellphone Handout and 4. This article from the Washington Post will also be needed, The Cobalt Pipeline by Todd Frankel, Sept. 2016, Zoom Discussion Wednesday 10-11am

Week 3 - Technology - Homework 60 points, Due on or before Tuesday June 2, Content Zoom Discussion Wednesday 10-11am

A. Dr. Heinzel's - Technology Introduction - Via Panopto
B.Podcast, #1034, 2017, Joe Rogan interviews Sebastian Junger, Listen only from 7minutes 25 sec. TO 1 hour 50minutes 40 seconds
C. Reading - The Atlantic, April 2020, Capitalism's Addiction Problem by Maya MacGuineas

Week 4 - The Quest toward Sustainability - Dr. Heinzel's - Quest for Sustainability presentation, Homework 40 points, Due on or before June 5th within the Final Project , Zoom Discussion Wednesday 10-11am

Final Projects

Links for learning more on your own..

Dr. Lori Santos Psychology in the good life- Free online course

WHO - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

PBS : H2O The Molecule that Made Us - Episode 3 Crisis

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? by Jean M. Twenge, The Atlantic, Sept. 2017

Climate Change in Iowa - Iowa DNR , U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Snapshot 2016 , Iowa Environmental Council Report , U. of Massachusetts Climate System Research Center, Iowa Report