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The EDMAP program trains the next generation of geologic mappers by providing grant funds to colleges and universities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The program, which contributes to national efforts to geologically map the entire U.S., works with universities to help graduate and upper-level undergraduate students gain experience and knowledge in geologic mapping. Dr. Heinzel (UNI - Prof. of Earth and Environmental Sciences) works closely with undergraduate earth science students and the Iowa Geological Survey (Stephanie Tassier-Surine) to provide Iowans with current geologic/natural resourses information!

UNI Studnet Products (Mentor, Dr. Chad Heinzel)

2015 Surficial Geology of the Maquoketa Quadrangle (1:24,000)

Lead student mappers = Joe Reinders, Eliza Ross, Blaize Cabell, Maquoketa Report

2012 Surficial Geology of the Hudson Quadrangle (1:24,000)

Lead student mappers = Zach Lenth and Angie Petersen, Hudson Report

2011 Surficial Geology of the Waterloo South Quadrnagle (1:24,000)

Lead student mappers = Nick Bosshart, Josh Shultz and Zach Lenth, Waterloo South Report

2010 Surficial Geology of the Dunkerton Quadrangle (1:24,000)

Lead student mappers = Jordan Vastine and Nick Bosshart, Dunkerton Report

2009 Surficial Geology of the Readlyn Quadrangle (1:24,000)

Lead student mappers = Jessica Schmitz and Jordan Vastine, Readlyn Report

2008 Surficial Geology of the Waverly Quadrangle (1:24,000)

Lead student mappers = Drew Kreman and Adam Campball, Waverly Report

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