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The Geology of Klein and Conklin Quarries (Johnson Co., Iowa)

Page 2 - Located near Coralville and Iowa City, the Klein and Conklin quarries provide a unique window into the Earth's past. These quarries are owned and operated by the River Products Company and are NOT open to the public without permission. We thank them for allowing us a chance to access their facilities and their continued support in geologic education! (Link to page 1)

Geologic Society of Iowa Guidebook #87

Part I

Art Bettis (U of I) Weathering profile discussion (Part 1) Key words: Loess, erosion surface, landscape development, stone lines/lags, soil peds, oxidation/reduction, joint faces/polygons

Part II

Art Bettis - Conklin Quarry glacial overview (You will need to turn up your volume!) Keywords: Pre-Illinoian till Alburnett and Wolf Creek Formations, paleomagnetic reversal, lithostratigraphy, clay mineralogy, polarity reversals, alluvial fill, paleosol

Part III


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Geologic Society of Iowa Guidebook #87

River Products Company (Iowa City, Iowa)